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Our Mission & Logo

Our Mission

The Stewards Canada Mission is “Investing for Service”. We include this tagline on our logo because it describes our involvement in the Christian community in three ways. First, private individuals invest their funds into Stewards Canada and earn an investment rate of return at the same time as they serve the Lord’s work.

Second, Stewards is able to invest the funds into mortgages of assembly and church properties and in so doing, serve the Christian community.

Finally, by their investment in their buildings, the local assemblies and churches are able to serve the Lord in their individual communities. Investing for Service by private individuals, Stewards Canada and local assemblies are a three-fold cord not easily broken!

Our Logo

Our logo depicts a person’s hand brandishing a green olive branch, beside a blue Stewards Canada name and our Mission motto of Investing for Service. We chose this logo because:

  1. The green in the branch signifies growth, alluding to our interest in growing both Brethren assemblies and Christian evangelical churches and in fostering investment growth.
  2. The olive branch signifies peace and hope. You may recall that Noah and the other inhabitants of the ark saw a dove with an olive branch as they were preparing to exit the ark. God had brought peace and olive tree growth again after a period of death and destruction on the earth. Our olive branch signifies hope and peace because the entities in which we invest are offering the peace and hope of the gospel to their local communities.
  3. Our name begins with Stewards. We are Stewards in a dual sense: first, our work is to safeguard and grow the investments of private individuals that are entrusted to our care; and second, we are stewards in our investment of funds into churches and assemblies who intend to improve or build new facilities to proclaim Christ in their neighbourhoods. We are reminded continuously that “it is required of stewards, that they be found trustworthy” (I Corinthians 4:2).
  4. The Canada in our name reflects that our sphere of service is limited only to Canada. We are not involved in any work outside Canada’s borders and as a charity, we are registered only in Canada.
  5. Our Mission is “Investing for Service” and reflects our investment and service philosophy in three areas, as explained in Our Mission above.
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