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What Is Stewards Canada?

Mission statement

The Stewards Canada Mission is “Investing for Service”.

How it works

Private individuals invest their funds into Stewards Canada and earn an investment rate of return. In turn, Stewards invests the funds into mortgages of assembly and church properties and in so doing, serve the Christian community. By investing in their buildings, the local assemblies and churches are able to serve the Lord in their individual communities.


Stewards Canada has been active in providing financing to Canadian assemblies and churches since January 31,1952. During that period of time, over 340 churches have received financing assistance. Stewards Canada has been able to assist churches in all Canadian provinces. Stewards Canada takes care in assessing the loan risk and the faithfulness of entities to which we loan funds, which has resulted in a perfect track record with not one loan loss.

Stewards Canada has no governance or financial ties to any other charity.

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